Our Lavender Orpingtons breeder flock
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We do not book orders more than 3 days before each individual hatch
We take preorders every Wed or Thurs for that week's hatch
by phone only: (660)424-0408 between the hours of 8am & 6pm
(we will always have freshly hatched chicks available each week because we limit preorders to the week of each hatch)

NOTE: We sell BABY Chicks, not full-grown birds
Please do not call asking for full-grown birds
Heartland Hatchery 2022 Pricelist   NPIP# 43-262  
This pricelist is only valid for orders to be shipped or picked up at the hatchery.
Please call ahead of time before visiting hatchery.
Chick Days at farm supply stores every Friday and Saturday February thru October
NOTICE: Sales of less than 10 total chicks will be an additional $1.00 per chick
Click on Facebook icon above to see calendar for locations/dates
Hatch every Thursday, February thru October
Call Hatchery 10-11am central time for assorted specials on hatch days
Phone #: (660) 424-0408

Sexed Pullets (day old chicks)

$5.00 each (1 to 9)
$4.00 each (10 to 99)
$3.50 each (100 or more)

Black Sex Links
Red Sex Links
Rhode Island Reds
Gold Comets
Barred Rocks
Gold Laced Wyandottes
Silver Laced Wyandottes
Fertile Hatching Eggs
Standard Chicken Eggs$2.50 ea
Rare Breed/Bantie Eggs$3.00 ea
Guinea/Duck Eggs$3.00 ea
Turkey Eggs$6.00 ea
Exotic Chicken Eggs$4.00 ea
(see egg shipping info below)
St. Run Standard Chicks
$3.00 each (1 to 24)
$2.50 each (25 or more)
Same breeds as "Sexed Pullets"
also includes
Buff Orpingtons
Heavey Breed Fryer Rooster Chicks
$2.00 each (1 to 24)
$1.50 each (25 or more)
Same breeds as "Sexed Pullets"
St. Run Rare Breed Chicks
(clean legged)
$4.00 each
Black Jersey Giants
Gold Laced Polish
Silver-laced Polish
White Crested/Blue/Black/Splash Polish
Speckled Sussex
St. Run Rare Exotic Chicks$5.00 each
Buff Brahma
Dark Brahma
Light Brahma
Cuckoo Cuckoo Marans
Olive Eggers
Salmon Faverolle
Blue-Laced Red Wyandottes
Dark Blue-Laced Red Wyandottes
Std/Blue/Black Splash Cochins
St. Run Rare Exotic Chicks$8.00 each
Lavender Orpingtons
Black Copper Marans
Cream Legbars
Sapphire Gems
Rare Exotic Pullet Chicks$10.00 each
Cream Legbars
St. Run Silkies Banties$5.00 eachRed, Buff, Pied, Partridge, Blue, Splash, Grey, White, Black, & Spangled
St. Run Feather-Footed Banties$5.00 eachMille Fluer, Porcelain, Blue, Splash, Partridge, Black, Red Cochins, & Red Frizzles
St. Run Clean-Legged Banties
$4.00 eachB.B. Red Old English, Self Blue Old English
Silver & Golden Seabrights, and Americanas
Turkeys - Fancy Breeds$12.00 each
Bourbon Reds
Blue Slate
Royal Palm
Black Spanish
Broad Breasted Bronze
St. Run Ducks$6.00 each
Indian Runner
Welsh Harlequin
White Pekin
Black Cayauga
Blue Swedish
Black Swedish
Silver Swedish
St. Run Rare Ducks$8.00 each
Silver Appleyard
Goslings$20.00 each
Buff Saddleback Pomeranian
Grey Toulouse
White Chinese
White Embdeem
Grey African
Baby Guineas$6.00 eachColors: French Pearl, Lavender, & Royal Purple
Specials - Started baby poultry for pickup only, info 660-424-0408
Asst. Banties (min 50/sale)$3.00 each - Hatchery Choice
Asst. Rare Breeds (min 50/sale)$3.00 each - Hatchery Choice
Farmers Special - 50 Sex Link Fryer Roosters and 50 asst. St. Run Standard Chicks for $180.00
Chick Shipping Information
If 1st 3 digits of your zip code are 500-749 - You will be shipped via Ground
Ground Shipping is flat fee of $18.00 plus additional $.20 per Chick (lg orders ask for Shipping Quote)
Ground Shipping for Ducks, Goslings, & Turkeys is flat fee of $18.00 plus additional $.30 per Chick
If 1st 3 digits of your zip code are 000-499 or 750-999 - You will be shipped via Airmail
Airmail Shipping on zip codes starting with 000-499 & 750-832 is flat fee of $24.00 plus additional $.20 per Chick
Airmail Shipping on zip codes starting with 833-999 is flat fee of $29.00 plus additional $.40 per Chick
Egg Shipping Information
For current shipping costs please call or email us
ATTENTION: Please Note that baby poultry can cause sickness from Salmonella bacteria.
ALWAYS wash hands with soap & warm water after handling baby poultry.
Do not let young children handle baby poultry unsupervised.
Do not eat or drink while handling baby poulty.
Young children & elderly are more susceptible to bacterial infections.
DISCLAIMER: Heartland Hatchery or any stores that poultry from Heartland Hatchery has been sold in,
cannot be held responsible for any sickness occured from handling poultry.
When ordering, write down what you want including Shipping Address and Phone #. If you include your email address, I can email you when I ship. - Terms are Prepay by Money Order Only - NO CHECKS!
All chicks will be shipped insured and at no time will Heartland Hatchery be responsible for more than purchase price of baby poultry. - Min. is 25 Total Baby Chicks, 20 after May 1st
Email Address: heartlandhatchery@gmail.com
Phone #: (660) 424-0408