Heartland Hatchery 2014 Pricelist   NPIP# 43-262
This pricelist is only valid for orders to be shipped or picked up at the hatchery.
Hatch every Monday and Thursday February thru October
Call Hatchery 10-11am central time for assorted specials on hatch days
Phone #: (660) 267-3679   Cell #: (660) 424-0408
Sex Link Pullets$3.00 eachBlack Sex Links
Red Sex Links
Cinnamon Queens
Gold Comets
Fertile Hatching Eggs
Standard Chicken Eggs$1.00 ea
Rare Breed/Bantie Eggs$1.50 ea
Guinea/Duck Eggs$2.00 ea
(see egg shipping info below)
St. Run Standard Chicks$1.75 eachRhode Island Reds
Sex Links
Buff Orpington
New Hampshire Red
Silver-Laced Rocks
St. Run Rare Breed Chicks$3.00 each
Buff Brahma
Blue/Splash Polish
Salmon Faverolle
Speckled Sussex
Black Jersey Giants
Silver Spangled Hamburgs
Silver Phoenix
Blue/Splash Cochins
Blue-Laced Wyandotts
Light Brahma
St. Run Banties
(Silkies sold only in asst colors of mostly Red, Buff, Grey & Partridge)
$3.00 eachSilkies, Red, Buff, Pied, Partridge, Blue, Splash,
Grey, White, Black, B.B. Red & Barred Old English,
Silver & Golden Seabrights, Mille Fluer, and Americanas
Silver Pencils, Blue, Splash, Buff, & Black Cochins
Turkeys - Fancy Breeds
(Turkeys sold only in asst colors)
$11.00 each
Bourbon Reds
Blue Slate
Royal Palm
Black Spanish
Asst. Ducks
(Some breeds omitted upon req)
$5.00 each
Khaki Campbell
Indian Runner
White Pekin
Black Cayauga
Asst. Goslings$11.00 each
Grey Toulouse
White & Grey Chinese
White Embdeem
Asst. Baby Guineas$5.00 eachColors: Pearl, Lavender, Royal Purple, & Coral Blue
Specials - Started baby poultry for pickup only, info 660-424-0408
Asst. Banties$2.00 each - Hatchery Choice
Asst. Rare Breeds$2.00 each
Farmers Special - 50 Sex Link Fryer Roosters and 50 asst. St. Run Standard Chicks for $95.00
Chick Shipping Information
Ground Shipping is $.20 per Chick plus $13.00 (lg orders ask for Shipping Quote)
Ground Shipping for Ducks, Goslings, & Turkeys is $.30 per baby plus $13.00
If 1st 3 digits of your zip code are 000-499 or 750-999 - You will be shipped via Airmail
Surcharge on Airmail Shipping of baby chicks - add additional $.10 per Chick
Airmail Example: 25 chicks @ $.20 per chick + $13.00 plus additional $.10 per chick Airmail surcharge
Total shipping charge will be $20.50
Egg Shipping Information
For current shipping costs please call or email us
ATTENTION: Please wash your hands with soap & water after handling baby poultry to prevent sickness.
DISCLAIMER: Heartland Hatchery or any stores that poultry from Heartland Hatchery has been sold in,
cannot be held responsible for any sickness occured from handling poultry.
When ordering, write down what you want including Shipping Address and Phone #. If you include your email address, I can email you when I ship. - Terms are Prepay by Money Order Only - NO CHECKS!
All chicks will be shipped insured and at no time will Heartland Hatchery be responsible for more than purchase price of baby poultry. - Min. is 25 Total Baby Chicks, 20 after May 1st
Email Address: heartlandhatchery@gmail.com
Phone #: (660) 267-3679   Cell #: (660) 424-0408