Print & Mail this form with payment to:
Heartland Hatchery • 9593 NW County Road 8002 • Amsterdam, MO 64723
Order Form
Please print this form and use it for your order. Be sure to include a second choice if acceptable. Remember, we will not ship substitutes unless you specify this option. Also be sure to include when you would like your shipment to arrive. For example, early, mid, or late month.
Name:Phone #
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Order Date:
Requested Delivery Date: (Approximate Only Please)
Quantity Type Breed Price Each Total Price
Ground Shipping Chart:
All Chickens $.20 per bird plus $20.00 per order
(Min is 25 total baby chicks, 20 after May 1st)
Guineas $.20 per bird plus $20.00 per order
Bantams $.20 per bird plus $20.00 per order
Ducks & Turkeys $.30 per bird plus $20.00 per order
Goslings $.30 per bird plus $20.00 per order

Airmail Shipping:
Shipping charge is based on 1st 3 characters of ship to Zip Code
see Home Page for ranges

Ask for Shipping Quote on large Orders.
Ask for Shipping Quote on any Egg Orders.
Sales Tax - 5.225%
(MO Residents
(see chart)
Money orders ONLY please. Make Payable to Heartland Hatchery
Personal Checks Not Accepted

Add Second Choice if acceptable.

Circle one: Picked up at Hatchery | To Be Mailed (Allow 2-3 days)


All orders must be prepaid. No birds will be shipped without payment, no exceptions. Acceptable payments include money order and cashier's checks. No personal checks will be accepted. If you pay with a check, it will be sent back to you, which will delay filling your order. Also, please do not send cash through the mail.

All baby birds are shipped through the U.S. Postal Service. Be sure to include your phone number with your order. The Post Office should call when your order arrives. Inspect your order immediately. It is the responsibility of the consumer to turn in any insurance claim for lost birds during shipping. Be sure to ask your local Postmaster how to file an insurance claim. There must be a minimum of 25 baby chicks for all orders in order to keep them warm in shipping. This can include any and all breeds as long as there are 25 total, however, after May 1st this minimum drops to 20 due to warmer weather. This is for chickens only. All other birds have minimums posted with their respective breeds.

NOTE: The Post Office will not insure eggs.

NOTE: At no time will Heartland Hatchery be responsible for more than purchase price of baby day-old poultry.

Be sure to include the proper shipping charges from the chart above for all baby chick orders.

Pickups at the hatchery must be scheduled in advance. If you cannot make your appointment, please call. We do not provide boxes for pickups, so please bring a suitable box for your order.

Heartland Hatchery/Chicken Farm is available for tours by appointment only.